March Rocking Goat Giveaway Winner

The first baby of March is now registered and ready to rock…on a rocking goat! Patrick Devine was born March 1 at 1:03pm to Allie.  Allie says she grew up in Waunakee and visited the Endres goats many times, a tradition she will now carry on with Patrick! Congratulations to Allie and her husband on […]

Rocking Goat to a Rocking Kid

We’d like to announce our first rocking goat recipient: ANDREW MICHAEL PALM! Congratulations to Andrew’s parents, Matt and Ann Palm and their whole family on their new ‘kid’! Pictured to the left are four generations: Great Grandpa Cubby Wolfe, Baby Andrew, Momma Ann, Big Brother Colin, Papa Matt, and Grandma Deb Palm. Andrew was born March […]

7th Annual Waunkee Rotary Easter Egg Hunt

Eggs are usually laid by chickens, but there were no chickens to be found at the 7th Annual Waunakee Rotary Easter Egg Hunt held on the Endres Mfg. grounds in Kappel Park.  Last Saturday, March 28, hundreds of community members ages 1 to 91 showed up to hunt for brightly colored Easter eggs scattered around […]