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Eggs are usually laid by chickens, but there were no chickens to be found at the 7th Annual Waunakee Rotary Easter Egg Hunt held on the Endres Mfg. grounds in Kappel Park.  Last Saturday, March 28, hundreds of community members ages 1 to 91 showed up to hunt for brightly colored Easter eggs scattered around Kappel Park. Several local mascots showed up too! The Easter Bunny, Mr. Pig from Piggly Wiggly, Morrie the dragon from Anchor Bank, Scoopie from Culver’s, and Endres Mfg.’s Easter Goat all made appearances to help cheer the kids along as they searched for eggs.

Endres Mfg. Co., the EMC Foundation, and the Easter Goat wish you and your family a blessed and happy Easter! goathoof