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Grant deadlines are May 1 and November 1 at 5:00 PM. All grant requests must be submitted electronically.  No hard copies will be accepted. Please include the name of your agency in the subject line of your e-mail.

Keep your grant request clear, simple and concise. You may include annual reports, but it’s not necessary. No grants will be accepted for consideration after the deadline dates. Decisions on all requests will be made by the 20th of the month, and checks will be mailed to those receiving grant money.  Thank you for the good work that you do to make the world a better place for everyone.

Keep these guidelines in mind:

  • You must be a registered non-profit to request a grant.
  • We generally give to agencies with less than a $4-5 M annual budget. We want to make a difference and have an impact, not be a small drop-in-the-bucket.
  • We give to local needs, Waunakee-Madison-Dane County area. Not to out-of-state requests.
  • Priority is given to non-profit agencies with a connection to Endres Manufacturing, the Waunakee Community, or to our employees and trustees.
  • We give to specific projects, programs, and new initiatives, not to general operation or annual budget.
  • We favor proven programs with a successful track record, —or new, creative initiatives that will address unmet needs.
  • We do NOT give to the same agency for multiple, successive years. We do NOT want to be a regular funding source, but rather diverse and impacting.
  • At this time in our history, we are able to give grants in the range from $1000 to $10,000, although we have given pledges for unique projects up to $75,000.


How to apply:

1. Please answer the grant request questions below in a Word document or directly in an email.

2. Include any documents, (.pdf, .doc, .jpg only), not to exceed a combined total of 5mb.

These should include:

  • a brief financial statement
  • proof of your non-profit, tax-exempt status
  • list of present board, directors or officers

3. Email grant request questions and any documents here. PLEASE MAKE SURE TO PUT THE NAME OF YOUR AGENCY IN THE SUBJECT LINE.

Grant Request Questions

  • Name of non-profit organization
  • Complete address
  • Contact person and title
  • Organization phone and email
  • How did you hear about EMC Foundation
  • Briefly, what is your mission/goal and how long have you been in existence
  • Briefly, describe the project/program for which this grant request is being made
  • What is your organization’s total annual budget approximately
  • What is the total budget for this particular project/program
  • What amount are you requesting for this specific project/program
  • Have you received funding from the EMC Foundation before? (If yes, when?)
  • What is the focus area of this request (indicate all that apply)
    Education, Arts, Human Services, Religion, Environment, Health, Other – If “other”, please explain.

Here are just a couple of the responses we have gotten from past recipients:

Henry Vilas Zoo

From Waunakee Public Library: “Thank you for your generous donation to create a collection of Play-away audiobooks for our community. With your support we will be able to offer school children access to the classics and help them participate in discussions relating to literature.”

From the YWCA: “Thank you for your generous gift to the YWCA which will enable us to purchase badly needed cribs and toddler beds for the children in our homeless shelter and in the Third Street Program.  Thank you for making a difference in the lives of our women, children and families.  We deeply appreciate your confidence and support.”

From Horizon High School:  “Your gift will make an impact on the lives of young people in the community who are struggling to get their lives together, and who can grow and thrive in the small academic community that Horizon High School offers them.”

From the Waunakee Ecumenical Board: “Using our tremendous buying power, we were able to purchase items for Thanksgiving Baskets at a greatly reduced price.  Your generous grant was used to help over 130 families in the Waunakee area.  After receiving her basket, one of the mothers wrote, ‘This will really help make our Thanksgiving…..a lot more to be thankful for.  God bless all who working on this.’”

From Wisconsin Youth Symphony Orchestras:  “From all of us at WYSO, thank you for your sponsorship of the Winterfest Concerts.  Your funds go directly toward providing exceptional services and experiences for our young musicians.  We feel strongly that these experiences will impact these young people today, but also well into the future as they develop relationship skills and talents that will serve them throughout their lives.”

From the Prairie Enthusiasts:  “Your grant will be going towards the repair and renovation of a facility at our Mounds View Grassland Preserve.   The facility is critical to the restoration and management of this 500-acre preserve. The facility will be used in outreach and environmental education activities by youth and adult groups who visit.”

From Engineers without Borders:  “The Endres Grant put us back on target in the first phase of our project in Guatemala.  It was a smash hit! We installed solar powered lights in every house in the village of Nueva Providencia.  The residents had no electricity and used candles to light their houses.  There was a buzz in the village as we preformed the installation.  I have never felt so much appreciation in my life as when the proud home owners turned on their lights for the first time.  The project not only improved the lives of the Guatemalans, but it enriched the lives of the 15 Wisconsin student engineers.  The world became a little bit smaller through our project. We gave them a light we hoped would make a difference in their lives.  There world and ours have permanently changed for the better because of this experience.  Your grant was not simply transfers in a lump sum — it exponentially grew and spread in multitudes both here and abroad.”